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"I have traveled beyond the borders, discovering in myself the splendor of all that surrounds me, Like a harmony of choruses, my soul vibrated to the sounds of the twelve strings,

Like the hoof that strikes the plains abundant my heart began to beat the rhythms of rebirth,

Heaven poured its water to fill the JAAM, the cup of the mystic wine that is shared from heart to heart. "

JAAM is the fruit of the artistic encounter between Pakistan, India and the West.

Based on the knowledge of traditional and mystical music, Shuaïb opens a door to Western music by creating a melodic entity told by each instrument and voice.

Anchored in the musical repertoire of the MUSHTAQ brothers, Sylvain leCoq colors with JAAM equilibrium by the sound of his Guitar-Bass and Guitar Twelve strings made with his hands in the quest for the ideal sound.

The journey of this set is carried by the voices of Shuaïb and Hubaïb, punctuated by the perfect synchronicity of Behlole the Tablist and Fabien REYNAUD, percussionist proposing through his play a range of his knowledge drawn from the cultures.

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