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Shuaïb-Aftab-Ahmad MUSHTAQ is the 7th generation of GWALIOR Gharana singing and the 5th of TALWANDI Gharana. He begins music at the tender age of 11 years and gives his first concert at 13 years. Then he performs on many stages very young. He sings the Sufi, Qawwali and Khayal singing in a very pure form. He has received the transmission of Khayal singing in the tradition of GWALIOR Gharana by the Legendary  USTAD GHULAM HASSAN SHAGGAN, and the sufi singing of Punjab Ang Qawwali by the famous Master USTAD SHER ALI MEHER ALI of TALWANDI Gharana. Shuaib deepens his singing with his masters and take a great interest in playing many indian and oriental instruments making his singing a very unique style. Combining instrumental and vocal styles of  Taan, Gamak, Jor, Jhalla and Sargam, Shuaib gives a color to Qawwali that envelops the public. Shuaib is the face of the authentic Qawwali who crossed many countries like Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Germany, Holland, England, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Switzerland, France, showing his vocal splendor and his extensive knowledge, source of his fame near public of music experts.

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Leader of several artistic projects, Shuaïb presents his  musical art from different angles combining, classical and  Sufi music of Pakistan, to others horizons of traditionnal music world till the contemporary world.


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Pakistan has remained over time, a country rich by its culture and worship.

Shuaïb through his documentary presents his country from an unknown angle. Cradle of great musical traditions, Pakistan is also a land of welcome for the peoples and cults that have marked its history. From devotional and festive atmosphere of Hindu temples to  sacred fervor of the Sufi Mausoleums, " MERA PAKISTAN " is a discovery that reveals the importance of Devotion in Music through Culture and Cults in Pakistan.

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Since always singing and music of Raagas have a real connection with the nature and emotions.

This is because raagas have a direct influence on body's feelings, and notes are spread over on Chakras. Thus, the sound vibrations allows to unlock a flow of energy bringing serenity to body and mind.
This ancestral knowledge transmitted to 
Shuaib allows him to make personalized relaxation sessions according to the necessity and the need of each person. 

By combining  stretching,  work of breathing, manual care and finally the singing of the raaga, the best to unlock the energy flow musicotheraphy bring balance care and well being.

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Since many years, Shuaïb teaches languages, music and chants of India & Pakistan.

The repertoire extends from the classical music to the popular music, with an oral transmission et translation of chants

The classes are either in private classes, or group classes, at your convenience.

For instrumentalists who wish to approach the Indian and Pakistani music there are also classes of Ragas transmission.


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SILSILAH / HERITAGE is the first Album of Shuaib Aftab Qawwal in the pure tradition of Qawwali

Such as the story of an oral transmission, SILSILAH / HERITAGE musically trace the richness of a journey received from a family of poets and great Masters of Shuaïb.

With his group of Brothers and nephews, Shuaib presents in this Album the very first compositions he received from his ancestors and his Masters.

Beyond the form of authentic Qawwali mixing scholarly and popular music, SILSILAH / HERITAGE is a bouquet of emotions that the family's received over the time.

Price: 10 euros plus shipping costs.

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