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Qawwali is certainly the mystical Sufi chant that has conquered the entire world through the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. With the goal of preaching the word of Wisdom of Sufism, a set of Qawwali can attain a formation of more than 15 musicians and singers. It is through generations that Shuaïb has received the transmission of Qawwali by Master Ustad Sher Ali Meher Ali.

Shuaib Aftab Qawwal is made up of the MUSHTAQ brothers and their nephews, who in turn received the transmission from their Uncle and Master Shuaib.

The poetic fervor of the sung texts and the artistic power of this set brings the audience to a soul trance intoxicated by music.

Emphasizing the authenticity of this vocal art that is lost in the face of modernism, Shuaïb Aftab Qawwal remains renowned for the pure and artistic value of Qawwali that he presents.

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