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"Your song is prayer,

and this prayer is my dance

Your breath sounds in my heart

I walk without knowing that I'm walking

I dance without knowing that I'm dancing "

"All art carries within him a parcel of Light"

Carried by the devotional repertoire of Shuaïb, Hubaïb and Behlole MUSHTAQ, the dancer Alexia MARTIN embodies a gesture in resonance with the spirituality of these three brothers belonging the 7th generation of the Gharana of Gwalior, and the 5th generation of the Gharana of Taalwandi, the most famous lineages of the Indian subcontinent. Echo of musical mysticism, the dance takes flight or installs the contemplation.

From the fervor of Qawwali to the lyricism of the Ghazals to the introspection of Khayal singing weaves the conversation of four artists in search of the sacred. Encountering two worlds, NOOR invites the audience to an exchange, like an open door in a contemporary context crossed by violence and divisions, NOOR celebrates fraternity and the spiritual quest for uniqueness.

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